Vertical Growing

Grow Vertically and save space with the Ecowall. An ecowall is a revolutionary system and method of growing plants with limited space. Plants grow out of the wall and upwards, meaning almost anywhere can be turned into one. Excuses about having nowhere to grow are out of the window, with a little imagination and knowledge any area even a vertical one can be turned into an area for growing. This revolution has not only taken root with small growers, big business is now investing heavily in vertical growing.

The main advantage is that it can be implemented anywhere, from building a tower block to mass produce vegetables or just to provide a little extra room in your garden. Vertical growing space is available everywhere and we consider it a waste not to use it to its best potential. Whether you are applying for planning permission and wish to show how vertical growing can soften an otherwise hostile environment or you wish your business to stand out in the high street or at a corporate event, we have the skills to accommodate your vision. Please contact us with your own bespoke vertical growing idea and we will help to make your vision a reality.

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