Rochdale in Bloom

Over the years the local community and businesses have shown huge support for GroTec and appreciated us taking a little time to explain what we do. This year our efforts have again been shown alongside other community groups in the area for Rochdale in bloom. As a result of the support from others we have been able to extend the planting scheme throughout Sudden so many thanks to all involved it has been interesting and motivational.

Sudden village has been bypassed in more ways than one in the last few years. What used to be a thriving close-knit community has, in recent years, been at risk of completely losing its identity and community spirit. Our business has not suffered as much as some as the local, community-based businesses as we sell globally and have customers from far and wide, recently requests for bespoke vertical growing solutions which has become incredibly popular.

We have taken part in several international growing initiatives including helping to open a girls school in Cambodia, where they have learned to use the aquaponic gardening knowledge we have been able to share with them to become much more self sufficient. It was on this project we discovered that by working with local schools we could develop long term partners for these initiatives.

Helping teachers to make the nitrogen cycle interesting whilst supporting worthwhile causes in the developing world. We use the hydroponic bus to demonstrate to schools and the public in general the various methods of growing hydroponically and the ways that advances in science are helping with modern day cultivation alongside many edible crops grown in soil in the alleyway each year and shared among the community which has been remarkably effective in developing community relations in the area.        

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