Indoor Barley Production

Tests on indoor barley production have now ended at Cronkshaw Community farm.

Many thanks to Joyce and all the team at Cronkshaw Farm.

In our time at the farm we were able to demonstrate multi tier barley production in a small growing area.

Barley can grow with zero light so is an ideal indoor winter hydroponic crop,

Barley has been used for years to supplement the diet of animals and has in recent years we have been able to develop

systems to allow breeders of hi value cattle and race horses to feed there prize winners with the optimum diet the entire year round.  

If you would like help on your own indoor system we can offer consultations help and even offer designs on a bespoke system to suit your needs.       

Trials on the floating polytunnel were positive and we hope to expand them to trial different styles of chinampas, comparing those emulating ancient Aztec tecniques chinamps  tecniques  with modern materials such as kingspan and neoprene to attempt to improve deep water culture methords using modern day materials.

Associated lesson plans for various key skills groups coming soon. Please do not hesitate if you, your group or school wish to become further involved. 

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