Local Initiatives

We are currently working the friends of springfield park group to expand the community growing project into the park.

Much has been achieved in the park in recent years due to the determination of the friends group and the Rangers, we hope to carry on improving the park with the continued support of Matthew moss high school and the friends group by adding community/school growing areas.

Latest news.

Community grow project

Plans are in the pipeline to redevelop the remaining unused tennis court into a community growing area.

Grotec with the help of the friends of spring field park, Mathew Moss High School are planning a community project in the park.

We are planning to include Raised growing areas along with aquaponic growing systems will be available for the volunteers and groups and schools to become involved.

Keep up the good work Mathew moss Planting Trees and Pond dipping.

Mereside cafe Gets the go ahead

Gardeners to stay The two park gardeners are back in Mereside House with their equipment.

Up and coming events in the park....coming soon

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