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We are proud to have helped on projects in Palestine India and Cambodia and are always looking for new groups to work with and link to uk schools. the more we can spread the knowledge about modem methods of food production the sooner we can eradicate famine across the globe. World food security is the key. For many people the only consideration they give to food security is putting a lock on the fridge a work. However it is one of the most pressing issues of our time. The way we produce our food and how it is transported is one of the biggest challenges to face our rapidly developing world in our lifetime. We are proud to have been part of a series events geared towards raising awareness as to how we can be a part of the solution instead of adding to the problem. Food security plays a major part in all the projects we are involved with, pushing the boundaries of the available growing space often provides a unique and interesting challenge.

Everyone had a fascinating time at able project many thanks to Roy Down for the Invitation 

The Matthew Moss Team went to the Botanical Gardens with us, the slide show has a few of the pictures from the botanical gardens, Many thanks to Dr  Bamford for making the day possible. 

We had a superb day at taking the Bus to Manchester Museum. Thank you everyone for coming along and everybody for helping out. The day highlighted various aspects of food security in a fun and friendly way. The combination of Lectures and displays both from schools and from the vast range of industries meant that it was difficult to go home without being inspired and motivated,many thanks to all who made the day possible. 

Thanks for all who attended the royal bath and west show. we were very happy to be invited along to be part of the food security awareness exhibition, Apologies to all those we did not get to speak to on the day.

If you have any up and coming food security events please contact us and we will be happy to contribute in any way we can.


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